LPS Software project leader

He/she is responsible for guiding and managing the project aimed at obtaining the expected results in a timely manner. He/she has the skills and abilities to manage the daily activities of the project team, exercising control over results, deadlines and quality. Maintains the relationship with users and customers, motivating and providing support to team members and managing the necessary resources, making the operational decisions necessary to respect the time and costs of the project.

DSW Software Developer

Software or systems developers work for IT companies. They are in charge of developing the pillars of the operating systems created by programmers and testing the code of new programs to ensure their efficiency. They also perform quality tests on new projects prior to their launch.
These professionals are involved in the whole process related to the creation and design of new systems.

ASW software functional analyst

He/she has the task of carrying out activities of survey, analysis and design of computer systems.
He/she has knowledge and skills to analyze the customer’s business and processes to understand and discover his needs and, based on them, define the requirements and functionalities of the software that provides solutions, designing and documenting these functional requirements in detail.

ATA Technical analyst / software architect

He/she is the person in charge of thinking about all aspects of the architecture, guidelines, principles and development of the technical aspects of a software project.
This professional has knowledge of how to implement architecture and, at the same time, be prepared to accept other ways through which the same objectives can be achieved.

QAT QA / tester

He/she is the user, capable of validating applications without prejudice and in the most natural way possible.
He has a keen eye for quality, not only in the IT field but more generally in everyday life. He is in charge of quality control and has outsourced a product before it goes into production (a software, a website, an application, a web page) to make sure there are no errors for end users.

ETA Specialist in agile technologies

He/She has a solid understanding of the main agile methodologies and the main agile approaches to facilitate agile management processes within the organization through visual tools, visual thinking, effective communication techniques, group creativity, etc.

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