Anty bribery

AC auditor ISO 37001 – LAC Lead auditor ISO 37001

The lead auditor / auditor must have a 40-hour ISO 37001 Management Systems Auditor course (16h in ISO 19011 and 24h in ISO 37001) and the requirements of the applicable ISO standards. The certified auditor / lead auditor demonstrates the skills and knowledge to perform audits and specific work experience capable of performing second and third party audits effectively.

ODV Anticorruption Compliance Officer

Certified Anti-Corruption Compliance Officer demonstrates knowledge of international legal and regulatory requirements relating to corruption and money laundering. He has experience on the main models of fraud and corruption risk management and on control techniques.

CAC consultant ISO 37001

The ISO 37001 certified management systems consultant demonstrates knowledge of the applicable legal requirements and international standards and the main models of fraud and corruption risk management. He has the skills and abilities to implement an ISO 37001 system and monitor its effectiveness.

ACI internal auditor ISO 37001

The ISO 37001 internal auditor must have an ISO 37001 Management Systems Auditor course of at least 24 hours (8h in ISO 19011 and 16h in ISO 37001). The internal auditor demonstrates knowledge of the sanctioning regime of applicable standards and laws and has the skills and basic knowledge to perform first-party audits.

COM Compliance manager ISO 37301

The certified compliance manager knows the ISO 37301 standard and is the professional who takes care of the corporate image from the point of view of compliance with external standards and controls the creation and management of company policies.

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