OAS Environmental Diving Operator

Certification as an environmental diving operator authorizes you to accompany patented divers up to the maximum qualification depths according to the safety curve for educational purposes and aimed at safeguarding the environment. Demonstrates the possession of basic knowledge of marine biology, the skills and techniques of conducting a diving group, skills and attention to the observation of organisms and their behavior. Demonstrates knowledge and application of ISO 21416

RIV Riverain/Fishing guide

Certification as a river / fishing guide demonstrates knowledge of rivers, seas and the main techniques and skills of sport fishing, the ability to accompany fishermen in fishing areas and organize their reception.

SLP Sport fishing leader

It is the professional figure who recommends sport fishing users the most suitable product for their characteristics based on their sporting experience. Demonstrates skills, abilities and knowledge of products and techniques applicable to sport fishing.

OTP Tour operator for sustainable fishing

Entrepreneurial figure who offers touristic and excursion services for fishing by boat and from the shore.

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