AAA auditor / lead auditor ambientale LAA

The auditor/lead auditor must have a course of 40h on environmental management system (16h on ISO 19011 and 24h on ISO 14001) and should own all the requirements of the relevant ISO standards. The certified auditor/lead auditor has the competence, abilities and knowledge and the specific experience for the conduction of audits.

COA Environmental consultant

The certified environmental consultant demonstrates his knowledge of law’s prescriptions and international standards on the environment, his experience on environmental aspects and impacts and in the evaluation of environmental performance and his ability in proposing low impact solutions for the environment.

SGA environmental management system consultant (Junior/Senior)

The certified environmental management systems consultant has expertise, experience and ability to create environmental management systems according to ISO environmental standards, in compliance with the requirements of the law and international environmental regulations applicable to the organization. Demonstrates knowledge of environmental terminology, of the various environmental systems, of the main techniques and methodologies of environmental management, of national and international certification systems.

COR waste management consultant

The certified waste management consultant demonstrates knowledge of the legal requirements and international regulations on waste handling, management and disposal. Demonstrates skills, experience and specific knowledge on the type of waste and their classification, on disposal techniques, on hazard assessment and risk management and on their transport.

AAM internal environmental auditor

The internal environmental auditor must have an environmental management system auditor course of at least 16h. The certified auditor demonstrates the skills and knowledge of conducting audits and specific work experience capable of conducting audits effectively.

CIC- Carbon footprint consultant

The certified carbon footprint consultant demonstrates competence, knowledge and ability in assessing the Carbon Footprint of a product (ISO 14067: 2018 Climate footprint of products) and of an organization (UNI EN ISO 14064-1: 2018 Part 1) for the quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and their elimination. Certification makes it possible to measure the potential environmental impacts of a product or organization on climate change in relation to its life cycle to improve its effects and position on the market.


The certified water footprint consultant demonstrates competence, knowledge and ability in evaluating the analysis of the Water Footprint of products, processes or the entire assisted organization to quantify the impacts and potential benefits in terms of climate change; (according to ISO 14046: 2016 – Water footprint). He has communication skills and helps organizations to spread their results.

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