Road Trafic Safety

ASV- road trafic safety ISO 39001 – LSV Lead auditor 3 ISO9001

The lead auditor / auditor must have a 40h Road Safety Management Systems Auditor course (16h in ISO 19011 and 24h in ISO 39001) or alternatively the 40-hour course as auditor in another ISO scheme and a specific 24-hour course on road safety. The auditor / lead auditor demonstrates the skills and knowledge to perform audits and specific work experience capable of performing second and third party audits effectively.

CSV road safety consultant

The ISO 39001 certified road safety consultant demonstrates knowledge and skills to define, implement and certify a “Road safety management system” according to the criteria established by the standard. He has the knowledge to advise companies on traffic and mobility, analyze the reality of road accidents in the company and propose a tailor-made action plan.

AVI – internal Auditor ISO 39001

The internal road safety auditor must have a Management Systems Auditor course of at least 24 hours (8h in ISO 19011 and 16h in ISO 39001). The internal auditor demonstrates the skills and basic knowledge to perform first-party audits.

TAS Safe Taxi

It is the taxi required through a radio system that guarantees the conformity of the car in terms of maintenance and insurance and the reliability of the driver. The safe taxi guarantees the passenger control of the route.

GUF Off-road driving

The certified off-road driving driver has the skills, knowledge and skills for off-road driving, and defensive driving. Has basic skills in equipment and vehicle check-up and the ability to drive with all-wheel drive on different grounds.

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