AAE Auditor/ LAE lead auditor Energy

The auditor/lead auditor must have a course of 40h on energy management system (16h on ISO 19011 and 24h on ISO 50001) and should own all the requirements of the relevant ISO standards. The certified auditor/lead auditor has the competence, abilities and knowledge and the specific experience for the conduction of audits.

Energy internal auditor

The certified auditor demonstrates the skills and knowledge of conducting audits and specific work experience capable of conducting audits effectively.

SGE Energy management consultant

The certified energy management systems consultant has expertise, experience and ability to create energy management systems according to ISO standards, in compliance with the requirements of the law and international energy regulations applicable to the organization. Demonstrates knowledge of terminology, of the energy systems, of the main techniques and methodologies of energy management, of national and international certification systems.

MAE Energy Manager

Professional position whose main responsibility is the analysis, monitoring and optimization of the use of energy in the public or private sector, allowing to achieve economic, energy, environmental and legal benefits for the production of goods and services.

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