Corporate sustainability

GES Sustainability Manager

The certified sustainability manager is responsible with social responsibility for everything that happens in the company that may have an environmental impact. In this way, it is up to him to supervise all the activity of the company, from the beginning, whatever the service, or the entire production chain if it is a factory. It is also incumbent on him to communicate it abroad and create the image of a sustainable brand.

AUS Sustainability Auditor

The sustainability auditor must have a basic course in sustainable development. The internal sustainability auditor demonstrates the skills and knowledge to conduct audits and carry out assessments of sustainability implementation. Controls compliance with the code of conduct and/or deontology.

MHE manager HSE (health safety environment)

He is a professional with the knowledge and skills that guarantee the complete management of processes and sub processes in the area of health, safety and environment. It is the professional figure capable of guaranteeing legal compliance with HSE requirements and the construction of business development, respecting environmental performance and occupational health and safety.

CON Sustainability Consultant

He is a professional with knowledge of national and international regulations on environment, safety and health and has the skills and abilities to implement the different requirements of international standards to an organization for compliance and continuous improvement. He has the capacity to issue social and environmental diagnoses and promote sustainable projects.

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