Social Accountability

AES Ethical Social Auditor/lead auditor LES

Certification means possessing the legislative and regulatory knowledge (national and international) in ethics and social matters and the techniques and skills of conducting audits to obtain recognition as an auditor or lead auditor in the ethical-social field. This recognition represents a requirement to be provided to certification bodies for the formalization of their qualification.

AEI Internal ethical social auditor etico

The certified auditor demonstrates the skills and knowledge of conducting audits and specific work experience capable of conducting internal audits effectively.

CES Ethical Social Consultant

Certification means obtaining recognition as a highly experienced figure in the ethical and social field to provide its customers with a further guarantee on their professionalism, competence and ability to manage the ethical and social aspects of the organization.

MET Ethical social mediator

Certification means possessing the regulatory knowledge, communication and listening skills and abilities to mediate on the ethical and social issues of an organization or group of people or communities.

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