FOP Privacy Trainer

Professional trainer specialized in privacy issues with proven experience both working in the privacy sector and as a teacher in training courses.

MAP Privacy Manager

professional with a high level of knowledge, skills and competences. It is responsible for data processing activities and coordinates the subjects involved.

RPD Data Protection Officer

Experienced professional involved in matters relating to the safeguard and protection of personal data. Provides the data controller and / or data processor with the essential support to ensure compliance with the privacy legislation.

SPP Privacy Specialist

professional who supports other Privacy Professionals, taking care of the correct implementation of the Privacy Regulation and the implementation of the appropriate technical and organizational measures. He is the operational expert for the protection of personal data.

VAP Privacy Auditor

Professional who examines the treatment and assesses compliance with laws and regulations, maintaining an independent position from those who carry out other activities. Checks compliance of data processing with legislation, also for the purpose of certifications.

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